The Importance of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors who practice with an emphasis in orthopedics and sports health have specialized training in non-operative management of orthopedic conditions, as well as physical fitness and sports injuries. Our providers are able to help patients in pain without the use of opioid and other pain medication. Our chiropractors have advanced knowledge of biomechanics and human movement and are able to integrate this into their diagnosis and treatment plans. Treatments often extend beyond the spinal column to include extremity care and treatment of muscles, ligament, and tendons.  Patients seeking chiropractic services can have a quicker evaluation of an injury and identification of the pain generating tissue, more advanced treatments which can help decrease the amount of visits, properly prescribed corrective exercises to help prevent re-injury, and a holistic approach wellness. Above all, our chiropractors are passionate about patients health and want to do what they can so these patients can remain active in whatever they choose.