Feedback from our patients is critical to help us improve our processes so we can continue to deliver the best possible care to our community. We truly appreciate all the feedback and recommendations from our patients. Visit Healthgrades to see our ratings as well as RateMD's. Here is what some of our patients are saying about Dr. Ingui and Dr. Goldberg as well as our office: 

“Amazing experience. I have seen other chiropractors and received the wrong treatment after they did not identify a fracture that the diligent Dr Ingui found. I am finally feeling better after over a year of agonizing pain. I met with a surgeon who read the report Dr. Ingui sent me with and said “you have a really good doctor here, he knows what he is doing and I agree with his recommendation 100%.” Since treatment I feel like my old self and can finally partake in my daily routine without distracting pain. I did not think this improvement was possible. Would recommend him to anyone. He worked hard to open his own practice and truly help people and that is exactly what he is doing.”
— Erik L.
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Ingui for the past 4 yrs. I’ve had persistent knee pain for the past 8 years since I left the military. He was able to correctly diagnose and treat my knee pain where other doctors couldn’t. Dr. Ingui used cutting edge, drug free, non-invasive methods to treat and help me better manage my pain and address other musculoskeletal issues I had successfully. His approach is through, precise and he’s the consummate professional. I highly recommend his care and intend to continue to utilize his services when needed.”
— John B.
“Dr. Ingui has been a god send for my mother in law.  She has had chronic foot pain since having surgery a few years ago.  After exhausting all of her options for good doctors in Delaware, we took a shot on calling someone local when she was up visiting.  Not only did Doctor Ingui agree to see her, he was willing to see her on a Sunday before she left for home.  NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE.  
He took the time to talk through her history without making any assumptions to the problem.  After making his diagnosis he gave her a thorough massage with a metal instrument to dig out the scar tissue. It wasn’t completely pain free for my mother in law but she could feel it working on the spot.  He then used a deep tissue laser to complete the treatment.  She now comes up to NJ just to see Doctor Ingui.”
— Thomas R.
“Dr. Goldberg was able to help me with my hip pain and neck pain, after only 3-4 visits my pain was gone. Dr Goldberg gave me a great adjustment but also used these tools on me called Graston tools which helped a lot. I would recommend Dr. Goldberg for any soft tissue, neck, back, shoulder, knee, hip pain.”
— Bryant
“Dr. Ingui was able to diagnose my problem with an initial exam and I was free from pain shortly thereafter. He was friendly, explained everything in detail and very honest. I would recommend this clinic.”
— Eileen C.
“Great chiropractic work done by Dr. Mike Ingui. He really emphasizes on your needs and helps you get back to where you want to be. As a wrestler and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor, I can appreciate being 100% for my next training session, or even being pain free for my everyday life.”
— Angel T.
“One of the most knowledgeable providers that I have ever been treated by. I have seen Dr. Ingui for various sports related injuries. The Dr. has an amazing laser therapy machine that is the same rehab tool that many professional athletes are treated with. I have never seen a chiropractor that focuses on sports medicine and delivers care at this level for amateur athletes. I have really had some great success from my treatment plans and have gotten back into running much sooner than I was expecting. Overall a great doctor.”  
— Brad L.
“Great Chiropractor. I was having issues with tendinitis and Dr. Ingui cleared in up in just a few short visits. He was able to see me on short notice and was very accommodating. Highly Recommend.”
— John G.
“As a patient of Dr. Ingui, he really listens to the patient’s needs and develops a program specific to the problem at hand. I will not see any other doctors within this field of medicine. Thanks!”
— Mike P.
“Dr. Goldberg is an excellent doctor. She helped reduce my back and leg pain. She is an excellent doctor who gets results. I definitely recommend her to others.”
— Larry T.
“Wonderful Dr. with great laser and super judgement. He has helped me so much with pain in several parts of my body, and I am telling everyone I know to go to him. Make an appointment and go see Dr. Ingui ASAP. You will be on the road to feeling better and general wellbeing sooner than you think! He also listens and adjusts his treatment approach constantly, which I am very impressed with. Just go.” 
— Pat F.
“Dr. Ingui’s knowledge of sports medicine combined with chiropractic care has been successful in treating my conditions, and injuries!” 
— Susan S.
Dr. Goldberg is intelligent and professional, she has helped both my husband and I tremendously with various ailments and our overall health. She has wonderful bedside manner—I’ve been to many chiropractors through years of sports injuries but none have compared to the care and attentiveness I’ve received with Dr. Goldberg. Highly recommend!
— Sara