The Performance Health Difference

Chiropractors are highly trained to look at a patient as a whole, meaning we do not just treat symptoms. The body is highly specialized and integrated through many systems. When a patient presents to our clinic, we want to help them get out of pain and will provide symptomatic relief care. However we also want our patients to achieve optimal health and function and prevent their pain from coming back or getting worse. To achieve this we will often examine and treat areas away from your area of initial complaint understanding that the bodies systems are all interconnected. We also utilize nutritional therapy and posture/ergonomic education to help your body heal. We are happy to discuss the advantage of chiropractic care on your initial visit.

There is also a difference in pain relief and restoring function. Dr. Ingui and Dr. Goldberg believe in helping their patients achieve total health and live quality lives. For most, this goes beyond a goal of being pain free. Drs. Ingui and Goldberg will not only help relieve your pain and symptoms, but help you achieve your goals by restoring any functional limitations and addressing all your health concerns and questions.

Pain is often the result of dysfunctional movement. Human motion is a complex and integrated process. When the biomechanics of the body are altered, motion is affected thus putting abnormal stress on certain tissues which can lead to pain. Our providers have extensive training in human motion and will help correct abnormal movement patterns to restore the normal biomechanics of the body. This is done through specialized examination, analysis, and treatment.

Dr. Ingui and Dr. Goldberg have both worked with patients whose functional goals ranged from returning to the playing field to being able to pick up and play with their grandchildren without pain. Our staff understands that patients goals and needs are different, therefore we provide each patient with a personalized care plan.

Today's healthcare landscape is changing with initiative for providers to shift to a value based health care model. Our office is a strong supporter for this shift and we believe healthcare needs to focus on patient outcomes rather than dollars. Your health and well-being is our primary concern. We will spend as much time as you need and use the tools and techniques necessary to ensure you get the best care and service possible.